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4 Best free software uninstallers in 2021

The built-in uninstaller for windows does not remove all the files especially the registry files. And thus makes your PC to have unnecessary files. With clogging of files may sometimes make your computer slow down.

And with all that the only remaining option is to use third parties software’s to clear all the files. These 4 Best free software uninstallers in 2021 also provide a better way to manage browser extensions and plugins, and remove any that you don’t use. You’ll also be able to empty your recycle bin with a single click, and delete your browser history.

Geek Uninstaller

Efficient and Fast, Small and Portable. 100% Free



  • Clean Removal
  • Performs deep and fast scanning and removes all leftovers. Keep your PC clean!
  • Simple User Interface
  • Great-looking and surprisingly functional.
  • Fast and smart
  • Instant startup. Type to search to locate an app immediately. Quick leftovers scan.
  • Force Removal
  • Use Force Removal for stubborn and broken programs.
  • Uninstall Windows Store Apps
  • Uninstall Windows Store apps on Windows 8/8.1/10.
  • Portable
  • Single and small EXE runs on any 32 and 64-bit Windows


Bulk Crap Uninstaller

It is a free bulk program uninstaller with advanced automation. It excels at removing large amounts of applications with minimal to no user input, while requiring next to no technical knowledge.

It can detect most applications and games (even portable or not registered), clean up leftovers, force uninstall, automatically uninstall according to premade lists, and much more.


BCUninstaller can detect, manage and uninstall applications from the following sources:

  • Normal registered applications (same as Programs and Features and many other uninstallers)
  • Hidden/protected registered applications
  • Applications with damaged or missing uninstallers
  • Portable applications (looks in common locations and on portable drives, configurable)
  • Chocolatey packages
  • Oculus games/apps
  • Steam games/apps
  • Windows Features
  • Windows Store apps (Universal Windows Platform apps)
  • Windows Updates Applications from all of these sources are threated the same – you can filter, export and automatically uninstall them in the same way.

XTR Toolbox

Versatile and portable software designed to clean, tweak and optimize Windows.

It’s extremely fast and rich with features.



  • Remove / Reinstall Windows Apps
  • Remove Telemetry Updates for Win7, Win8.1
  • Create startup entries
  • Log startup changes
  • Export startup info to clipboard
  • Displays invalid entries

IObit Uninstaller 10 Free

IObit Uninstaller easily removes unwanted programs, plug-ins and windows apps for a cleaner and safe.



  • Includes several ways to start an uninstall
  • Remove programs in bulk, one after another
  • Monitors installations to make them easier to remove
  • Identifies bundleware








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