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Main Factors to Consider When Choosing a Learning Institution.

What to consider while selecting a course to pursue.


Whether you’re going to enroll for university/college program or technical/vocational training. One of the key aspects to consider is whether the course is self-employable. For instance let assume you pursue an IT course or engineering course when you’re through you can employ yourself and thus enhances also creating job to others.

Another key aspects is passion.

Most people just pursue a course to show off and in other cases to entice either their family, guardians or even the village. And along the way this might lead to problem which might to differing and in some cases dropping out because the pressure is in bearable.

Another aspects to consider is the environment.

By this I mean you pursue a course with an aim of solving along time problem in your surrounding may it be in the field of construction, environmental conservation and green energy and many more lying problems.

Another aspect is the well of the learning institution.

Before joining any learning institution do a due diligences research to know at least a bit of it operations even if not all about that institution. This is because some of these learning institutions are just our here to take your hard earned cash or your guardians and at end you come without anything to keep you going. And this doesn’t mean that any start-up learning institution is bad ,there are some that there intention is to make profit because after all that’s there end goal.

You should also ensure the institution is registered by the relevant authorities of the government as we have seen in the past student being frustrated realizing that the institution has not been registered. And by this they end up wasting their time ,resources and hard earned cash.


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